Scottish Government are launching a public consultation on Scotland becoming a Fair Work Nation.

The Scottish Government’s vision, shared with the Fair Work Convention, is that by 2025, people in Scotland will have a world leading working life where Fair Work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and society.

Why your views matter

Scotland is on a journey to becoming a Fair Work Nation and the Scottish Government can only get this right with your support and collaboration. Through this consultation, you are invited to share views on the action you think needs to be taken to achieve our vision, and who needs to lead and support that action, considering the challenges and opportunities in your sector and your workplace.

They are also seeking your views on what additional levers and measures should be used to make Scotland a Fair Work Nation, and how we ensure Fair Work continues to evolve to not only meet our social and economic ambitions, but also to respond to an evolving labour market.

The information they receive through this consultation will be used to update the labour market action plans in early 2022.

Read the consultation paper

Easy Read versions of the consultation paper and respondent information form will be made available shortly.

A British Sign Language format of this consultation will be made available shortly.

Other accessible formats will be considered upon request. To request those, please email:

If you require a paper copy to be sent to you, please email:

Officials will undertake the following impact assessments:

  • Equality Impact Assessment
  • Fairer Scotland Equality Duty
  • Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

Work on these has already commenced, and the consultation will provide an opportunity for further evidence gathering and to hear the views of, for example, equality stakeholders, to ensure these considerations inform the update to the labour market actions plans.

Full information can be found at: