Two of the community projects which started in Lockdown are continuing to help the local community in the current cost of living crisis. 

Firstly is the book swap service in an old theatre stage prop of a sentry box – the original sentry box has now been totally upgraded but remains a sentry box.  People can donate and take books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, games and jigsaws. It has been incredibly popular and is still being well used by all ages. It is outside and accessible 24 hours a day.

Secondly, is the community larder.  Our larder began life in the front foyer of the hall, but since June 2021 it has been in a purpose built ‘green shed’. It is open 9am -6pm (4.30pm from November) every day, it is not staffed and people can take and/ or donate items as they wish. We get daily donations from the local Co-op and regular deliveries from FareShare plus individual donations from the public. Our main aim is to reduce food waste rather than providing food for those in need – although that is often a by-product, anyone can use the larder and it is fully accessible. The larder is looked after by a team of seven volunteers on a weekly rota.

Our monthly community lunches and community cinema evenings have returned. These are open to everyone in the local community to attend. We have introduced a Pay what you Feel scheme for these events (and some others) where people can pay what they can afford rather than a set price. Many of our events rely on volunteers to run them and to provide the catering and bar services. Full details of what is happening in the hall can be found on our website