As each day closes the effects of the Cost of Living Crisis are accumulating and intensifying for those already living at the sharp end of our society. The COVID 19 Pandemic disproportionately affected those on the lowest incomes, who had not yet recovered financially before being thrown into further despair and destitution by the Cost of Living Crisis. Too many people this winter will not be able to feed themselves and their families on a daily basis.Third sector organisations that provide emergency food aid are buckling under the rising demand for food, supply chains and drying up and donations are dwindling. Public Sector cuts are deepening and the economy is spiralling out of control. For too many, there is no hope only increasing despair and destitution.One man told us “during lockdown we were not allowed to go out, now we are but can’t afford to, we can’t even afford to stay in. I fear for my future.”As Civic Scotland has been calling on the Scottish and UK Governments to implement emergency measures we are inviting people from across Scotland and beyond to come together to talk about what needs to be done now to protect people’s right to good food with dignity.The Larder called on the Scottish Government to hold a National Emergency Food Summit in June, to develop a National Action Plan for Food. In the absence of this action being taken and recognising the urgency of the deepening Cost of Living Crisis, we invite you to join us, along with key speakers, anti-poverty campaigners and those with lived experience of food insecurity, in a day of action planning. Once our action plan is formulated it will be presented to The Scottish Government with a food unified call for implementation.Don’t leave it too late, book now and please share this invitation widely, particularly with those who are living at the sharp end of this humanitarian crisis.

The Larder is hosting a National Emergency Food Summit bringing together those with lived experiences of food insecurity and hunger, food aid providers, anti-poverty campaigners, public sector workers, academics and governments.This event will take place in Blackburn Partnership Centre, Ash Grove, Blackburn EH47 7LL on the 18th of November, from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

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