Scotland is unusual in having two models of touring cinema which are able to programme new releases: the Screen Machine mobile cinema and INDY Cinema Group. There are also a large number of venues operating outside of these models, which are also delivering part-time DCP-based cinema (DCP meaning Digital Cinema Package, which is the industry-standard format for screening new releases).

Regional Screen Scotland (RSS) want to understand what the scope is for integrating the two models of touring cinema—and, as a result fostering the development of more part-time DCP cinemas, in the context of Scottish Government policies of Town Centre Regeneration, Community Hubs, and 20 Minute Neighbourhoods. In July, RSS appointed MainStreet Consulting to carry out the feasibility study, commissioned in partnership with INDY Cinema Group.

If you have any interest, no matter how slight, in the possibility of screening new cinema releases—perhaps as part of a new community hub, or the refurbishment of a derelict building, or to bring your community together–please complete the first survey at this link:

And if you already provide DVD or Blu-Ray-based screenings, but would like to explore scaling up to DCP equipment, please complete the second survey.