SURF is seeking to engage an experienced freelance tourism marketing consultant, to develop a marketing strategy and deliver strategic promotions, in a pilot tourism project for Langholm and the Eskdale Valley.

Project Scope

A short term, freelance project for a marketing/ promotion consultant.

Budget: £5000 inclusive of VAT

Timeline: up to 12 Months from June 2019

Contracting organisation: SURF- Scotland’s regeneration Forum

Reporting to: Peter Renwick: SURF- Alliance for Action Langholm Facilitator & Langholm Alliance Tourism Group


The aim of the pilot project is to demonstrate the benefits of a new tourism initiative for Langholm and Eskdale Valley. The initiative will be led by local business and community organisations with the purpose of enhancing the contribution of tourism to the development of the town.

Tourism is a priority in addressing the regeneration issues facing Langholm.  Being better able to capitalize on the area’s heritage & outdoor tourisms assets has been identified as a priority in Langholm’s draft Community Action Plan which was developed with the Scottish Community Development Centre.   The plan identifies the following issues & priorities.

Langholm is associated with several brands including ‘Welcome to Langholm’,‘The Muckletoon’ and ‘Visit Langholm’

Please find the full brief below and if you have any queries please contact Peter Renwick – peter@surf-old.local 

Langholm Tourism Development Brief