The Finance and Public Administration Committee has today launched an inquiry looking at how the National Outcomes shape Scottish Government policy aims and spending decisions, and in turn, how this drives delivery at national and local level. The remit for this inquiry is to look at the current structures, processes and cultures that are in place to help deliver the National Outcomes. The Committee will consider whether these work as well as they can or should be improved.

Considering the appropriateness and effectiveness of the National Outcomes is not part of this inquiry. These will be reviewed separately by the Scottish Government later in 2022-23 and this Committee will have a role in that review.

The Committee is looking for written views from organisations with experiences of using the National Outcomes in the NPF to shape their policy-making and decision-taking, as well as delivery at national and local level.

The Committee is particularly keen to hear from those involved in the delivery of the National Outcomes, including:

  • local government
  • the public sector
  • business organisations, and
  • the voluntary sector.

Alongside seeking written views, the Committee will also take oral evidence and undertake fact-finding visits. The Committee’s views will be reported later this year and will also inform the Committee’s later work on the Scottish Government’s review of the National Outcomes later in 2022/23.

More details of how you can respond to this call for views, by 14 April 2022, can be found here: