A popular and successful SURF Open Forum in March 2006 explored the Scottish Executive’s recently-published “People and Place – Regeneration Policy Statement”.

One year on we returned to the statement with this follow-up Forum, which took place to an audience of 75 in The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh on Thursday 22nd February.

The format of this Forum was two speaker presentations given by highly respected consultants involved with Scottish regeneration: Jeremy Wyatt of Hall Aitken and Les Huckfield of Leslie Huckfield Research. This was followed by a question and answer session with a panel of specially invited guests, including Richard Rollison, branch head of the Scottish Executive’s Regeneration Unit, Ricardo Rea, a policy officer with Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance and George Gillespie, an experienced community representative who sits on the ‘People and Place’ sounding board.

Additional follow-up materials can be accessed below.

A PDF version of “People and Place” is available from the Scottish Executive’s website.