After a two year hiatus, SURF has relaunched its Scotregen Magazine in time for this year’s Annual Conference. Our intention is that this online forum will be a platform for presenting all that is interesting, informative and inspiring about regeneration policy and practice.

We’re equally keen on creating a space for conversation about the issues raised and about keeping our focus on the endgame – helping to create a fairer Scotland for everyone who lives here.

In our first two features Katherine Trebeck suggests that economic growth may have grown enough, so what next?  And Judy Wilkinson takes us on a tour of Scotland’s allotments and growing spaces. She argues that as a crucial part of Scotland’s current and historic cultural heritage, they should be part of the drive towards authentic community, social and economic regeneration

If you want to join the discussion – or point us in the direction of other issues you’d like to see aired – then please do contact me (Elaine Cooper) directly at Elaine@surf-old.local. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can read the first two articles HERE