Apex European Hotel, Edinburgh

This seminar aimed to look at different approaches taken to deal with decline in communities across the UK.  Presentations looked at why the community in question has gone into decline; what the scale of decline is and how it has impacted on the community; why the specific model adopted was chosen; the elements, aims and objectives of the approach; the impact that the approach has had on the community; the lessons learned so far from the approach; and other situations where such a model could be also be applied.  Models examined included the community-led model; the local authority-led model; the private sector-led model; the task force and the urban regeneration company.

Brian MacDonald’s Powerpoint Presentation

Eleanor McAllister’s Powerpoint Presentation

Harrry O’Donnell’s Powerpoint Presentation

Jonathan Gorham’s Powerpoint Presentation

Tom Macartney’s Powerpoint Presentation