Upcoming learning and development opportunities from Social Enterprise Academy.
Open programmes, so individuals can join a wider group of peers to gain insight and perspective in leadership, coaching, sustainability, and strategy. They’re all online and some are also open to the public and private sectors too – which is quite exciting to have a breadth of experience in the one space. Most programmes come with the option to achieve a qualification accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University, making it a valuable micro-credential to have.
Developing My LeadershipStarts 26 March, 2024This dynamic online programme will equip you with the skills needed to support and build resilient communities. Connect with peers, share experiences, and unlock your leadership potential. Gain insights, develop strengths and lead authentically towards a sustainable future.
Developing a Coaching CultureStarts 14 March, 2024Join this practical online programme designed to equip leaders, managers, and teams with essential coaching skills. Discover the art of empowering others, fostering growth mindsets, and achieving collective goals through powerful questioning techniques.
Developing SustainabilityStarts 19 March, 2024This six-day online programme dives into sustainability for social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. It addresses the pressing challenges within these sectors and explores pathways to growth. Discover proven strategies, sustainability best practices and actionable insights to drive positive change.
Rethinking Income StreamsStarts 2 April, 2024This online programme is designed to help you rebuild income streams while staying true to your organisation’s social purpose. Learn strategies to enhance sustainability and drive positive change in today’s dynamic landscape.