2 years on from First Minister Jack McConnell’s inspirational speech on the role on culture in Scotland’s future, SURF and the National Cultural Planning Steering Group (NCPSG) held “The Cultural Matrix Reloaded”.

At this St. Andrew’s Day Seminar we presented the outcome of a special report on the relevance and application of Cultural Planning as the overarching vision for cultural and community regeneration in Scotland. This report, produced by Liz Ghilardi (Director of Noema Research and Planning Ltd) on behalf of the NCPSG, is available for download below.

The paper, entitled ‘Cultural Planning: A Strategic Approach to Successful and Sustainable Community Based Regeneration in Scotland‘, has been submitted to the Minister for Culture and other relevant officials. The group are hopeful that it will assist the Scottish Executive in its response to the earlier Cultural Commissions Report which advocated Cultural Planning as a potentially valuable approach for achieving successful community based regeneration strategies.

This report on the role and practical implementation of Cultural Planning has been produced by the NCPSG with the support of the Scottish Executive the Capital City partnership and the Arts and Communities Association. SURF is grateful for the NCPSG’s support in funding this research and consultation event.