Chat bots, driverless cars, Alexa – what do they all have in common? They all use artificial intelligence (AI)!  Join a panel event being held by The Democratic Society on Wednesday 25th November, 4pm-5.20pm GMT on Zoom.  Four guest speakers will explain the development of Scotland’s AI Strategy and will answer your questions about the process.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Introduction to Scotland’s AI Strategy (what are we talking about?)
  • Engagement activities using Mentimeter
  • Four panel speakers who will share with you their work on Scotland’s AI Strategy and where we are at in Scotland:
  1.  Albert King from Scottish Government on ‘join the dots’ working group.
  2.  John Fotheringham from Scottish Government on Consultation work.
  3.  Jennifer Russell, Anderson Solutions on Working Groups
  4.  Namita Kambli, Democratic Society on Public Engagement
  • Discussions between panel speakers using questions captured from you!

It is encouraged to bring a hot drink of your choice to the event (optional) – this is a technique learnt from DeepR to help build trust, human connection and warmth online.


Register here and feed in your questions for the panel.