In 2020, social enterprise and community anchor charity Cornerstone House Centre initiated the launch of Cumbernauld CAN (Community Anchor Network), a project supported by Scottish Government which aims to develop the connected capacity of the Greater Cumbernauld community.

The project strives to enable Cumbernauld residents and organisations to work together to become better at responding to local needs. In this respect, Cumbernauld CAN seeks to provide way to help local communities improve the place where they live. The initiative focuses on the principles and objectives identified with Scottish Government’s Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Cumbernauld CAN is working to develop, strengthen and grow the community’s capacity to make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of Greater Cumbernauld. A key element of the programme involves initiating Participatory Budgeting (PB) opportunities for local groups and citizens. Participatory Budgeting is a process where ordinary people are given power to democratically and collectively make key decisions on how public funding is spent.

Small Grants PB Fund Round 2

Small Grants PB Fund Round 2 is being rolled out with a view to funding multiple community activities and projects which seek to support, strengthen and improve the Cumbernauld area and its people.

As such, Cornerstone House Centre is inviting community and voluntary organisations to apply for a small grant of between £100 and £1,000 to deliver a proposal which will benefit one or more communities within Greater Cumbernauld.

Earlier this year, 11 community organisations received funding and initiated a range of successful projects through Small Grants PB Fund Round 1. This funding round enabled activities such as establishment of a new weekly running event in Cumbernauld, continuation of a ‘Sheila Shed’ group for older women in the local area and facilitation of outings for children with additional support needs.

To be eligible to apply for a grant through Small Grants PB Fund Round 2:

  • Your group must be not-for-profit, be for community purposes and involve at least two people
  • Your group must have a written constitution, set or rules or other similar document
  • Your proposal must benefit, support or involve people in the Greater Cumbernauld area (incorporating Kilsyth, Northern Corridor and surrounding villages), with groups covering a wider geographical area eligible if they intend to use the funds specifically within Greater Cumbernauld
  • Your proposal must be able to be delivered within a budget of between £100 and £1,000, or if costs exceed this you must be able to evidence that you have secured additional funds to ensure delivery can take place
  • Your group must have a bank account, or a suitable alternative banking arrangement
  • Your group must keep and maintain transparent financial records.

Applications which do not meet the above criteria will not be considered. Originally, it had been intended that groups funded through Small Grants PB Fund Round 1 would be ineligible to apply for Small Grants PB Fund Round 2. However, this criterion has been relaxed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that no local organisation is excluded during this economically challenging period.

Submitting Your Proposal

To submit a proposal, please read pages 1-2 of the document below before completing the Application Form on pages 3-7. Completed Application Forms should be emailed to by no later than 12noon on Monday 30 November 2020. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

Small Grants PB Fund Round 2 Guidance Notes and Application Form

If you require support or advice in completing the Application Form, please email Cornerstone House Centre at the above specified email address or telephone 01236 739220. Paper copies of this document can also be provided via post upon request.