What is the Contribution of Communtity Regeneration?

From mid-2007 Health Scotland took forward an engagement process with different partners and agendas to discuss how high-level health improvement outcomes might be identified and developed. This consultative event was run by SURF and Health Scotland as part of this wider process.

The seminar was held in Glasgow and attended by sixty delegates involved at a strategic planning level for community regeneration, health and well-being in Community Planning Partnerships and other partnerships. Participants were given the opportunity to contribute their views and experience to the identification of strategic high level health improvement outcomes and identify how community regeneration contributes to these.

The event was highly interactive, beginning with presentations to set the context, followed by facilitated workshop discussions. Please click below to view all three speaker presentations.

SURF are grateful to Health Scotland for funding this successful event. For further information please visit the following websites:




1) Community Regeneration and Health Improvement – delivering a joint outcome focused approach

Erica Wimbush – Policy, Evaluation and Appraisal Manager, Health Scotland

2) Employability and health inequalities: links to health outcomes

Paul Ballantyne – Knowledge & Practice Manager, Scottish Centre for Regeneration, Communities Scotland

3) Linking health outcomes to other community planning priorities

Avril Blamey, Senior Public Health Advisor, Policy Evaluation and Appraisal Team, Health Scotland

4) Background reading paper