An audience of 60 delegates took part in this Open Forum, which built upon a variety of recent publications and other relevant activities around the theme of poverty and inequality in Scotland. The event took place on Thursday 12th March 2009 in the CoSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh.

Participants at the Forum were given the opportunity to explore what we know about poverty in Scotland, where the gaps in knowledge and skills lie, and what opportunities exist to make further progress. The focus was on a particular piece of recent research by the Scottish Government’s Social Justice Analysis (SJA) team.

SURF are very grateful to the SJA representatives and the following workshop facilitators:

  • Alison Miller, Community Activist Training Coordinator, North Edinburgh Trust
  • David Ogilvie, Policy & Strategy Manager, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • Heather Smith, Community Regeneration & Tackling Poverty Learning Network Coordinator, Scottish Centre for Regeneration, Scottish Government

SURF Open Forums are funded by the Scottish Government’s Scottish Centre for Regeneration with the aim of providing independent and informed feedback to policy-makers and practitioners.