Some relevant recent reports for further reading

Most of the following reports are in PDF format. Please click on the title to download.

Scottish Government

Achieving our Potential: A Framework to Tackle Poverty (2008)

Age and Experience – Developing the Strategy for a Scotland with an Ageing Population (2007)

Children’s Participation in Culture and Sport – Research Findings (2008)

Early Years and Early Intervention – Joint Policy Statement (2008)

Equally Well – Report of the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities (2008)

Equally Well Implementation Plan (2008)

Firm Foundations – The Future of Housing Policy in Scotland (2007)

Healthy Eating, Active Living Action Plan (2008)

People and Sport in Scotland – 2007 Survey Analysis (2008)

Respect and Responsibility – Sexual; Health Strategy Second Annual Report (2008)

SCR Learning Point – People and Places (2007)

SCR Learning Point – Health and Regeneration – Shared Premises (2008)

Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity: Public Participation, Barriers and Attitudes (2006)

Tackling Poverty, Inequality and Deprivation in Scotland – Discussion Paper (2008)

Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland (2007)

NHS Scotland

Better Health, Better Care Action Plan (2007)

Delivering for Mental Health (2008)

e-Health Strategy 2008-11 (2008)

Local Government

Community Planning – background and guidance

CoSLA/Scottish Government Concordat (2007)

Single Outcome Agreements 2008-09 (2008)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Care and Support – A Community Responsibility? (2008)

Ending Child Poverty in a Changing Economy (2009)

Is Inequality Worse Than Poverty? (2008)

Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion (2008)

UK Government and agencies

Arts, Health and Wellbeing (2007)

Global Health Strategy 2008-13 (2008)

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 – Code of Practice (2009)

UK Public Health Association

Report 27 – Articles on Health Inequalities and Health Planning (2008)


Health and Wellbeing in Glasgow – Deprivation Based Analysis (2008)

The Regeneration Challenge in Transformation Areas (2007)

Will Glasgow Flourish? (2007)

Glasgow Centre for Population Health

Aftershocks of Deindustrialisation (2008)

European Regional City Comparisons: Glasgow, the West of Scotland and post-industrial Europe (2008)

Facilitators and Barriers to the Use of Urban Greenspace (2008)

Community Health Exchange (CHEX)

Routes to Sustainability – Building Healthy Communities Briefing Paper (2007)

Understanding the Policy Maze – A Guide to Social and Health Policy in Scotland (Third Edition, 2005)

Scottish Association for Mental Health

A World to Belong to – Social Networks & Mental Health (2006)

What’s It Worth – Social & Economic Costs of Mental Health (2005)

Greenspace Scotland

Health Impact Assessment of Greenspace (2008)

Medical Research Council

Leading Research for Better Health (2006)


Potential of Sport (2008)

Sport Participation in Scotland 2006 (2008)

Scottish Arts Council

Art at the Heart of Wellbeing – the Artfull Strategy 2006-08 (2006)

Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health

9 Steps to Improving Scotland’s Health in Primary Care (2008)

The Mental Health of Children and Young People – A Framework (2006)


Outcomes Paper on Health, Wellbeing and Regeneration (2007)

Outcomes Paper on Health Impacts and Regeneration (2006)

Report from Football and Regeneration conference (2007)

Report from 2008 SURF Annual Conference (2008)

Scotregen journal feature by Hilary Thomson of the Medical Research Council on measuring regeneration health impacts (p.7-10, 2007)

The Lancet

The Lancet Series on Mental Health (Various Papers, 2007)

World Health Organisation

Commission on Social Determinants of Health – Final Report (2008)

Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre

The Effects of the Built Environment on Health Outcomes (2008)