What we do include: Welcome new migrants’ women and create a safe space for them to meet and reduce isolation.

We gather and disseminate information, raise awareness on various issues including health, equality, racism, domestic violence, employment and training.  We also promote cultural and racial harmony. We have become a voice and face of the African community in Aberdeenshire and are working in partnership with other African groups in the UK.

Our advocacy work includes immigration, employment, retraining, job placement, business, health, young people, community and political participation, advocacy activities in many issues, including support for those in need and distress.

We encourage African women to improve themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and economically. To participate and engage in what is going on in their community and the general community and have confidence to have their say in every issue that is being debated in  the society by  participating in the discussion on issues be it local, national and international.

We maintain links with women groups in Africa and support their initiatives and projects.

Find out more – www.africanwomenscotland.org.uk