Arts Inc. CIC champion the physical and mental benefits of engaging in creativity. We design Art projects which are person centred, interesting and relevant to all who participate. We engage with all individuals and groups regardless of age or ability.

We proactively support small independent businesses operating in our local communities; a core value of our business. We pride ourselves on sourcing and engaging with the wide-ranging services and varied talents of these local companies, commissioning them to professionally produce our products.

We aim to form new partnerships with organisations in the communities throughout the West of the Region.  Through working with these groups, we build productive networks and increase the scale of community projects we design and deliver. This results in an ever-increasing number of beneficiaries of our projects and positively contributing to the vitality and sustainability of the communities where they live.

Our projects provide a marketing vehicle, promoting the participants’ own Town in a unique and constructive way, in theirs, and the wider community. Arts Inc. CIC will continue to achieve and sustain our core aims through this engagement in creativity by celebrating and promoting the myriad of rceative talent found right here, on our own doorstep.

Over the next year Arts Inc. CIC and our partners are planning to provide further creative opportunities, engage with new community groups in the area and increase our participant numbers. These creative projects will be related to the Newton Stewart Regeneration Plan, and will consist of a 12 month programme of structured and fun creative workshops, which will ‘feed in’ to the wider programme of regeneration projects for the Town. This will, through creativity provide a ‘voice’ for our participants, the outcomes of the various projects will contribute in a positive way to their Community. Arts Inc. CIC will use this plan to strengthen existing partnerships and form new professional relationships all for the benefit of the participants’ health and wellbeing and will contribute to making our community of Newton Stewart more inclusive.

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