In these difficult times people often need all the help they can get. However, it’s clear that they are frequently unaware of the many organisations, initiatives, benefits etc. that might help ease their situation.

Duns Food Bank delivers to a large swathe of Berwickshire and our clients almost always own smart phones (keeping in touch by phone is a crucial element of our delivery procedure).

This means they can usually access the internet readily and we have therefore created a website ‘Berwickshire Help’. The original plan was to build a site in support of food banks, larders etc. in Berwickshire but it’s become much more than that and now puts people in touch with organisations that can help with Food, Energy, Clothing, Money, Mental Health & Well-being, Homelessness etc. in a couple of clicks of a mouse. The emphasis is on local initiatives but the site includes many links to national resources.

We are now keen to raise awareness of the website and ensure people make good use of this resource. We’d also like to build reciprocal links with the websites of other groups and organisations. If you would like to know more, establish a link to/from your organisation or perhaps post a blog at the site please contact us at

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