In a crisis it can often be difficult to know where to turn. Fife Council, local agencies, organisations, and community groups are pulling together to provide easy access to coordinated, practical information and support as rising costs start to hit home.

Fifers are being offered a range of help with money, food, heating, and household goods from fuel top up cards and lunchtime grab and go bags to insulated curtains and an extra £50 to buy children and young people a winter coat.

At the heart of the approach is a new community website – signposting people to information from the council, NHS, and community partners. information is searchable by topic and location across:

Community information is also being curated through social media, to provide easy access to the latest offers and updates.

But not everyone is able to access support online. For those without internet access, vulnerable or with complex challenges, the Council is running a helpline and online appointment system that can be used by families and friends too. The Free Community Support Line is open from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday through trained advisors in the Council’s contact centre.

In terms of specialist services, there’s an estimated £10m unclaimed benefits in Fife with more people likely to be eligible than before due to recent changes in some criteria so one key campaign message is ‘Don’t Miss Out’. Council, Third Sector, and partner staff are being trained to use the free online entitlement checker so advice and support can be provided as and when opportunities arise.

Getting access to help locally is vital too. The campaign is signposting Fifers to contacts and services on your doorstep and through community fridges, pantries  and Café Inc – Fife Council’s free meal service. Café inc runs in venues across Fife to sit-in or takeaway and over 100,000 meals were served last summer alone. It runs in the school holidays; no referral or booking is required.

Access more information on the Fife’s Cost of Living Campaign here

Don’t miss out on what you’re entitled to | Fife Council