At the beginning of lockdown due to COVID19, CEO & founder Chris Paul saw an even greater need for suicide prevention support in Inverclyde.

After his own personal experiences with close family members and friends struggling greatly with their mental health and feeling suicidal, Chris began to run online zoom calls. The turn out for these online video calls were greater than imagined, and after just a few weeks it was clear that there was a serious need for genuine lived experience connections and easy to access services for those feeling like they had nowhere else to turn to. It was from here that Man On Inverclyde began to expand and became an official charity in 2020.

The name ‘Man On’ comes from the football term, used to warn team mates with the ball, the presence of an opposing player behind them. Founder and CEO Chris, chose this name as we want the community to feel like we will always have their back when they feel ‘under attack’ by their mental health.

At Man On Inverclyde, we are now running a weekly ‘heat and eat’ service every Wednesday 9:30am-1:30pm. This will allow members of the community to come by our wellbeing centre for a heat, and to also charge their phones/laptops if required.

We will also supply sandwiches and hot drinks during this service and supply food packages for those attending to take home with them if they wish.

As always, our wellbeing staff and volunteers will be there should anyone required extra support in regards to their mental health.

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