Like every other third sector organisation, WorkingRite have had to respond to the current COVID-19 emergency and adapt to the new reality that we are faced with. 

Of course, there are financial implications for charities of every size right now, but it was clear from the outset of the pandemic that we needed to rally together and figure out the best way to continue supporting the young people, who place such trust in us to help them navigate life towards happy adulthood.  The spirit of solidarity and sharing a common purpose with our partners has been humbling.  We have sought to develop an alternative, but no less effective, programme of support for our young people, taking full advantage of the technology that is available to us, and the skills and determination of an incredibly committed and resourceful staff team.

Online conflict resolution workshops delivered via zoom alongside our partners, Cyrenians, have tried to respond to the possibility of increased tensions in the home while under lockdown.  Utilising our senior management team to act as a virtual mock interview panel for young people who still want to hone their employability skills, or buying a build your own birdbox kit for a young person who was just about to step into a joinery placement before the lockdown, just so he can try to stay prepared for what comes next.

WorkingRite are responding to the needs of our community in the best way we can with ideas such as these, but the biggest priority for us was to ensure our commitment to relationships and maintaining the human contact with all of our young people.  Whether it’s face to face via a video call, or just a telephone call, we know how important it is, and will continue to be, to hear a supportive voice and let them know we’re still there for them.

(Update provided by WorkingRite)