SURF has submitted written evidence to inform an inquiry on the ‘Delivery of Regeneration of Scotland’, which is being undertaken by the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Regeneration Committee.

The inquiry was set up as a follow-up to the launch of the Scottish Government’s National Regeneration Strategy in December 2011. The broad aim of the inquiry is: “to identify what has worked well in regenerating communities and what barriers still exist.”

Among the questions SURF addressed in its response are:

  • “Can physical, social and economic regeneration really be separate entities? The Committee would find it useful to hear about projects distinctly focussed on one or more aspects, and the direct and indirect outcomes of such activity.”
  • “What delivery mechanisms, co-ordination of, and information on the funding that supports regeneration are required, to facilitate access by all sections of the community?”
  • “What actions could the Scottish Government’s forthcoming community capacity building programme include to best support communities to ‘do regeneration’ themselves?”
  • “How can the outcomes of regeneration truly be captured and measured? What are the barriers to capturing outcomes and how should the success of regeneration investment be determined?”

Click here to download a copy of SURF’s response in PDF format.

For more information on the inquiry, visit the Scottish Parliament site.