SURF is looking for suitable candidates to join its volunteer Board of Directors. We want to further enhance our collective knowledge and experience as we strive to further improve regeneration policy and practice, to the benefit of disadvantaged communities across Scotland. Scroll down for further information on SURF, the qualities and skills we are seeking, some basic responsibilities and commitments, and information on how to apply.

About SURF

Get on the SURF BoardSURF is Scotland’s independent regeneration network. It aims to improve policy and practice in shared efforts to successfully regenerate disadvantaged communities across Scotland. It does so by organising seminars, study visits and conferences; by sharing information through an online magazine, reports, briefing notes and manifestos; through delivering regeneration research programmes and organising an annual awards scheme; and by working closely with key practitioners, policy-makers and academics.

SURF’s membership, of over 280 organisations across Scotland, includes representatives of all the major players in regeneration, including national bodies, local authorities, voluntary and community groups, and private companies. This extensive cross-sector resource supports SURF’s broad understanding of the contemporary regeneration context, challenges and potential. SURF’s operation as an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise is sustained by membership and sponsorship fees, as well as events income and service delivery contracts.

As SURF continues to develop its comprehensive activities programme for 2015-16 and beyond, this advertisement is being circulated with a view to enhancing the size, diversity and skillset of its voluntary Board of Directors.

Qualities and Skills

SURF is seeking the following skills and qualities in new Directors:


  • Commitment to SURF’s objective of addressing poverty and inequality in disadvantaged places in Scotland by improving policy and practice in community regeneration;
  • Commitment to SURF’s view of regeneration as a holistic process in which the intended beneficiaries of any initiative should be meaningfully involved in its development;
  • Knowledge of a particular field or sector relating to community regeneration;
  • Good understanding of the current challenges affecting disadvantaged places in Scotland;
  • An ability to make informed contributions to the organisation’s strategic development;
  • A willingness to commit the necessary time and effort to participate in quarterly Board Meetings.


  • Awareness of the current national policy context for community regeneration in Scotland;
  • A willingness to articulate SURF’s position and raise awareness of the organisation and its work at appropriate opportunities;
  • Access to relevant information and contacts that could be of benefit to SURF’s development as it further expands its role and output;
  • A social media profile and a willingness to share information on appropriate SURF activities with contacts;
  • Some experience of operating within a Board of Directors in a public, private or third sector organisation.

To further enhance the diversity and knowledge base within its Board membership, SURF would particularly welcome applications from:

  • community group volunteers;
  • local authority and health board officials;
  • private sector colleagues;
  • the social enterprise sector.

Responsibilities and Commitment 

New Certificate:V1Governance: The present SURF staff team comprises five members: Chief Executive (full time); Alliance for Action Coordinator (part time); Events and Communications Manager (full time); Events and Communications Assistant (part time); and Financial Administrator (part time).

The policy direction and output of this staff team is supported and guided by the voluntary Board of Directors. The current SURF Board Chair is Pippa Coutts of NESTA, and the Vice Chair is Jim Rafferty of the Capital City Partnership. A full list of current SURF Directors is available on this website.

The Board is supported by an Audit Director and an Executive Group subcommittee, which have particular responsibilities for the planning and monitoring of SURF’s financial operation.

Responsibilities: As Scotland’s independent cross sector regeneration network, SURF links all levels and perspectives in the broad and challenging field of community regeneration. To be effective as a modestly resourced but highly efficient organisation, it is essential that SURF maintains its good standing as a constructive, inclusive and intelligent team player.

All SURF Directors are expected to carry out their roles in a manner that promotes SURF’s values and aims. Specific aims, priorities and activities are collectively reviewed and agreed in Board discussions. The SURF Chair and Chief Executive are readily available for advice and information between Board Meetings.

Commitment: SURF Directors are asked to attend quarterly Board Meetings. These are generally held on Thursday afternoons, from 2-4pm. The standard format includes an opportunity to discuss regeneration issues, review organisational activities and discuss future projects. Informative quarterly reports are circulated to Directors one week in advance of each meeting. A typical agenda can be seen in the paper available via the link at the bottom of this page.

SURF Directors may also be invited to contribute to additional activities, such as:

  • Participating in strategic planning sessions;
  • Representing SURF at relevant conferences or seminars;
  • Assisting with a SURF member query or contributing to a SURF comment or activity particularly relevant to their area of interest.

Location of Board Meetings: SURF Board Meetings alternate between venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Board Capacity: SURF’s Memorandum and Articles of Association allow for up to 20 Directors on the Board. There are currently 12 Directors.

Remuneration and Length of Term: SURF Directors are not financially remunerated. Reasonable expenses incurred in travelling to Board Meetings and other SURF activities may be reclaimed. SURF Directors do not serve a specified term, but the longest serving one-third are obliged to resign at each Annual General Meeting (and are eligible for reappointment).

Company Profile: SURF operates as a company limited by guarantee (registered in Scotland as ‘Scotregen Ltd’, company no. SC 154 598). Its main income sources are membership fees, event income and service delivery contracts & grants. Its main areas of expenditure are staff, event and project delivery costs. SURF is not a charity; it uses a social enterprise model to invest any surplus in expanding its capacity for service delivery.

Mutual Benefits and Application Process

Present and past SURF Directors report that they find their involvement both interesting and rewarding, as well as being useful in further developing their understanding and contacts across the different aspects of regeneration in Scotland.

To be considered for joining the SURF Board of Directors, please submit a C.V. of no more than two pages, plus a covering letter indicating any particularly relevant qualities, skills and interests (also of no more than two pages), to Andy Milne, SURF Chief Executive, by:

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Thursday 23 July 2015. Relevant applications to join the SURF Board will then be considered by the SURF Executive Committee. Interviews, covering mutual interests and expectations, are scheduled to take place in early August. For an informal chat about the SURF Director role, please contact Andy Milne on 0141 440 6390.

Click on the link below to download a copy of this information, plus a sample SURF Board Meeting agenda, in PDF format:

SURF Board Member Advert 2015