The Scottish Government has announced the creation of a ‘Poverty and Inequality Commission’ in 2017-18. This UWS-Oxfam Partnership Policy Forum held an event on Friday 30th June in The Lighthouse with the aim of providing an opportunity to discuss the following questions as part of a wider poverty discussion.

Will this commission provide an opportunity to build momentum around new policies needed to reduce poverty and inequality? Or is it a way of pushing difficult issues into the long grass? How can we ensure it does the former and not the latter? How should the commission work and what should it focus on?

As part of this event Jamie Livingstone of Oxfam Scotland provided input reflecting SURF’s view on action on poverty, which was outlined in our 2016 Manifesto. A full transcript of the can be found below and you can download the Prezi presentation here

Oxfam Transcript

A full summary of the event can be found at