Six major voluntary sector bodies, including regular SURF collaborators the Carnegie UK Trust, the Corra Foundation and the National Lottery Community Fund, are exploring local community responses to the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Action During the Coronavirus Pandemic will investigate the rapid development of neighbourhood level support activity across Scotland, and consider the learning outcomes that can inform approaches to ‘building back better’.

One project element – Together, We Help – is actively gathering stories of local action and collating these in a dedicated website:

There are two opportunities for those in the SURF network to participate in Together, We Help:

1) Become a community researcher – This involves around 20 hours of time between October and November, for a total payment of £200, to survey others in the community who have volunteered their time and helped others.

2) Share your story – Provide details of a community response to COVID-19 in the form of a blog, a video, an interview or a photo series, for a contribution of up to £50 per case study.

Please click on the following link to learn more about how to get involved: