In advance of elections to the Scottish Parliament, SURF produces regeneration manifestos that are shared with political parties. These manifestos are available for download below:

2021 Tackling Old and New Challenges Together

SURF’s 2021 Manifesto focused on the key themes of climate change, land use, transport and place-based collaboration.

2016 Planning Ahead for Regeneration

SURF developed a comprehensive manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, with two overarching themes: tackling poverty and inequality, and creating successful places.

2011: Delivering Community Regeneration in Hard Times

Former SURF Chair Stephen Maxwell led a consultative process from Autumn 2010 to produce this 2011 SURF Manifesto, launched prior to the 2011 Scottish Parliament elections.

SURF also organised a 2011 manifesto hustings event with guest politicians including Johann Lamont, Sandra White and Patrick Harvie.

2007: Towards a Manifesto for Scottish Community Regeneration

SURF’s 2007 manifesto was produced in advance of the May 2007 Scottish Parliament elections.

Current SURF manifesto

Find out more about the current SURF manifesto.