COSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh

The fact that disadvantaged areas in Scotland often suffer from a lack of the basic services which many of us take for granted led SURF to organising this seminar.  The seminar looked at the issues on two levels.  It examined how we can ensure that services can be attracted to an area – looking at issues surrounding incentives, the conditions which are needed by service providers and examples of where this has happened on the ground.  It also looked at the way in which services are provided in these areas by examining examples of innovative practice which have been introduced in an attempt to ensure that service providers take more account of the needs of the community when drawing up and implementing their undertakings.  This examined shopping, access to financial services, health and council services.

Deirdre Harte Powerpoint Presentation

Frank Sweeney’s Powerpoint Presentation

Mark Sesnan Powerpoint Presentation

Event Programme