A new SURF report documents emerging learning outcomes from our place-based support programme – the Alliance for Action.

SURF’s Alliance for Action helps community groups, local authorities and other stakeholders in four towns and neighbourhoods to progress their regeneration aspirations into practical local improvements.

The programme currently operates in four places with deprivation challenges:

The initiative helps SURF to understand how regeneration policies are interacting with front-line community regeneration experience in diverse local contexts.

We regularly monitor and review local project support progress, and reflect on the wider learning outcomes that can be drawn out and used to inform regeneration activities across wider Scotland, as well as approaches to investment and policy reform.

SURF’s Policy Manager, Derek Rankine, engaged with our Local Facilitators and community partners, to record and share key learning outcomes from programme delivery in the financial year to 31 March 2024.

The report, available for download below, features an overall reflection of the current policy and practice environment, a key takeaway message for policy-makers, and selected highlights of the social, economic, physical and environmental regeneration projects that we have contributed to locally. These project highlights include the award-winning SeaFest Peterhead  (pictured), the establishment of Dunoon Community Development Trust and the purchase and refurbishment of the derelict Girvan Bandstand.

We hope the report (a ten page PDF) is of interest to our network, and all who have an interest in the delivery of place-based regeneration. Click/tap on the link below for access.

SURF report – Alliance for Action Learning Outcomes 2023/24

The Alliance for Action is delivered by SURF with support from the Scottish Government.