Fire & Peace Recovery offers additional resources and support to individuals in their mental health and addiction recovery. We organise expeditions to remote areas of Scotland, where we facilitate group sharing sessions, and teach wild camping and bushcraft skills. In addition to recovery trips, we collaborate with a range of community organisations on day trips, workshops, and outdoor activities. We have over 30 live projects and work with over 250 beneficiaries each year including children, young people, and adults.

A significant achievement for us is launching the Youth Movement, involving local high-schools, and youth organisations; Ysortit and G15 Youth Project. Through these partnerships, we identify young people affected by anxiety, depression, and isolation, or at risk of involvement in anti-social behaviour. We offer them day trips in nature, and provide a space for sharing, and empowerment.

We also offer 1-2-1 support and mentorship for the most vulnerable and at risk pupils. Other notable achievements include recently funding our own minibus, helping us to make wild spaces accessible to more people. We also received funding for two Charity Officers, who will assist with expanding the work of Fire & Peace.

Our beneficiaries often experience a lack of belonging and purpose, so having access to a community of people invested in their recovery can be life-changing. Our recovery trips offer people a break from their usual routines, and a sense of hope that helps them get through the challenging days.

We believe that with young people, providing them with purpose and connection early on, will give them the tools they need to make the transition into adult life, and be role models in their communities.

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