Become a member. Supporting membership initiatives that provide low-cost food & wrap around services.

TSPN was successfully established as a Scottish Charity on September 10th, 2020, to support community based and place-based organisations establish and support the development of Pantries, Community Fridges and Larders within their local communities.

TSPN provides organisations and community groups with expert advice, step by step guidance, and strategic support in order to ensure that they are a sustainable community asset. TSPN members use a creative model and strength-based approach to tackle food insecurity, health inequalities and poverty by offering an engaging and tailored service.


  • Advice and support – through set up and beyond
  • Funding – report updates
  • Networking – Bi-monthly Meetings, quarterly development sessions and events
  • Data Collection – Operational system that supports data collection
  • Campaigns – Consultations and data collection to support, policy change and development
  • Training – Relevant training for all staff and volunteers
  • Promotion – We will promote your service through our social media and Networks

Why Choose Us?

It is exciting times ahead for TSPN, the growth of the network to date has proven the support model in
place is positively impacting on communities in Scotland. We continually assess the needs of the
Pantries to ensure we find solutions, resources and partner organisations that can support the model. We are focused on current economic crisis and strive to support our members on how we challenge all forms of poverty. With Pilot projects in place that will help members become more sustainable.

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