Local community groups and new community resilience groups are leading the charge in East Ayrshire, delivering to the most vulnerable and those with immediate need in our local communities. East Ayrshire Council’s Vibrant Communities Service have been coordinating the community response to the crisis, including linking together volunteer efforts across 9 Community Resilience Hubs.

So far, over 80 community groups and projects have got involved with delivering shopping, prescriptions, befriending phone calls, and preparing meals for local residents. This equates to over 400 registered key volunteers in our local communities. Volunteer drivers have also been sought so support the free school meals and foodbank services within East Ayrshire, alongside local delivery efforts.

Vulnerable individuals and families can be identified locally, or through Local Authority and partner services and referred through single point of contact in each Community Resilience Hub, who matches need with suitable local or regional projects.

Community groups across East Ayrshire are offering support to Care Homes, Sheltered Housing, vulnerable people and local residents with shopping, prescriptions, keeping in contact and making meals for others.

In New Cumnock, the local Development Trust have been assisting local people with their shopping and helped distribute donations of baked goods from the local Pathhead bakery. There is now a bank of local volunteers who are helping out their neighbours and other local residents.

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(Update provided by East Ayrshire Council)