Community Planning Partnerships after SIPS
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SIPS into CPP’s – Transition and Subsequent Practice
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SURF Members’ Open Forum on Community Planning and Regeneration

This was the second in the series of Open Forums on the theme of Community Planning and Regeneration. Twenty-eight participants attended. A number of representatives from non-SURF member national organisations (i.e. Scotland Against Drugs and Civic Scotland) elected to attend. Officers working in South Lanarkshire Council’s Enterprise Resources and Social Inclusion section, followed by community representatives, gave PowerPoint presentations on the Council’s and communities’ perspective on community planning. South Lanarkshire seems to have a well-established community consultation and engagement network as exemplified by the ‘New Leaf Partnership’ in the Cambuslang and Rutherglen localities. This partnership was partly formed out of the existing SIP and is, essentially, the community engagement aspect of the emergent Community Planning Partnership. Participants gave the event very positive scores.

The most significant outcomes included, again, the evident lack of awareness among participants of Regeneration Outcome Agreements (as part of the funding basis for Community Planning Partnerships), or of preparatory or development work around Regeneration Outcome Agreements in their own organisations or agencies. A generally held opinion was that there was considerable unevenness in the existence or levels or understanding on what Community Planning is or what the implications of it are. The point was made that this lack of awareness was not a crude professionals-versus-lay people; there seems to be as much uncertainty among professionals as there is among the likes of community activists or representatives. Another outcome was an evident acceptance of the need, and even desirability, for clear leadership from the Scottish Executive where it was legitimate and necessary for this to be shown.

It was appreciated that the Executive had been respecting earlier calls for an avoidance of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to Community Planning, but it was also felt that there was still an extent to which such leadership was legitimate and necessary. The CETC centre in Cambuslang was an excellent venue for this type of event and the generous assistance of the New Leaf Partnership, community representatives and South Lanarkshire Council in general was appreciated.

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Community Planning and Regeneration – Regeneration Outcome Agreements
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Good Company to Regenerate in?
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