The Scottish Government has formally responded to the ‘Delivery of Regeneration in Scotland’ inquiry. The inquiry was conducted by the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Regeneration Committee over 2013 and early 2014.

SURF Chief Executive Andy Milne contributed to the inquiry's evidence sessions.

SURF Chief Executive Andy Milne contributed to the inquiry’s evidence sessions.

The inquiry’s final report, which quoted much of SURF’s evidence to the committee, contended that: “regeneration is not delivering for our most deprived communities.”

The Scottish Government’s response, which was published on 12 May, welcomed many of the recommendations set out in the report, and argued that:

“The launch headline… is stark and reflective of the historical position, but, on our reading, the report in fact provides a broad endorsement of the positive nature of what we are trying to do through the Regeneration Strategy launched in December 2011. As the Committee Indicates, the reality is that sustained effort is needed if all of Scotland is to flourish in line with the Government’s purpose.”

The response also clarified that, in the Scottish Government’s view, regeneration activities must:

  • “put communities first, effectively involving local residents in the regeneration process and empowering communities”;
  • “address the physical, social and economic needs of communities”;
  • “have a long-term vision and focus on the safety and quality of places”;
  • “take account of the specific function of communities and integrate regeneration initiatives into wider economic strategies”;
  • “make tailored interventions to link economic opportunity, address worklessness and deliver sustainable quality employment”;
  • “be supported by simpler and aligned funding streams and maximise the impact from mainstream resource”;
  • “have local leadership with clear accountability and effective use of partnership working, involving the private sector, both in investment and in shaping ideas and development”.

Please click here to access the committee’s regeneration inquiry web-page, where the inquiry report and the Scottish Government’s response are both available for download.