In response to the coronavirus pandemic, a range of local support mechanisms have been put in place. Some of these are still developing to respond to the changing situation.

Key local responses as of 6th April include;

A helpline, 0300 123 1403, to provide lifeline support and supplies for vulnerable people who have been advised to shield themselves against coronavirus, but have no way to access services. The Freephone number will allow those who have been identified as requiring shielding to speak to council advisers, who will then be able to target emergency aid directly. This could include the urgent delivery of food, hygiene products and medicines if the person taking shielding precautions has no other method to access these vital supplies.

A one-stop information page on service delivery, using the Community Health Team website. This covers information about coronavirus and changes to service delivery. The link, currently being updated two or three times a day is:

We have set up eight Community Support Centres that aim to;

  • Assist people at the highest risk by providing advice, and distribution of essentials such as food and medicines
  • Support education and care of children of key workers and vulnerable children
  • Provide appropriate channels to capture requirements for practical support
  • Coordinate distribution of meals to children eligible for Free School Meals
  • Coordinate the use of volunteers, through four Volunteer Coordinators who are part of our Third Sector Interface. More information is available here.

The Michelin Plant in Dundee is also being set up as a central distribution facility. This will help with coordination of efforts in delivering essential supplies across the city.

Members of the public are being encouraged to make use of Dundee City Council’s online services where possible, or to telephone 433129 if they have general queries. These can be accessed here.

A single contact internet portal has also been set up by the Local Resilience Partnership for Tayside. This can be found at, and covers Angus and Perth & Kinross as well as Dundee.

Third Sector providers continue to work hard to deliver food and other supplies to vulnerable people across Dundee who may not be on the list of those needing shielded, but are vulnerable in other ways e.g. due to homelessness or chaotic lifestyles.

A business register survey has been created (here), for local businesses to communicate with Dundee City Council how they can provide support in ensuring that services are still delivered to the most vulnerable in the city.

(Update provided by Dundee City Council)