As a direct response to Langholm’s lockdown a group of local women established Langholm Covid19 Support Group in order to rally volunteers who could help residents forced to shield or who are not receiving enough care and support.

A shout out via a Facebook page and a postal leaflet campaign triggered a large response of local people anxious to help. This support Facebook has become a focal point for any covid-19 related issues, allowing people to air any concerns and receive advice/support.

Following talks with co-op (our largest source of general supplies) and our smaller local grocers, it was agreed that our volunteers would respond to shout outs from these suppliers (via a volunteer Facebook page) in order to meet the demand for deliveries. A delivery protocol was formed to ensure the process was as safe as possible for everyone involved.

This system is working well with a core team of volunteers responding quickly to delivery requests, freeing up shop workers to serve customers in-store and stack shelves/replenish stock.

There are also a small group of volunteers who are now regularly supporting vulnerable residents on the telephone to prevent isolation and minimise anxiety.

We’re very proud of the way Langholm has responded to the pandemic, further proving that despite many recent set backs our toon remains resilient and strong.

(Update provided by Lucy MacLeod at Outpost Arts)