A new report by DTAS and Education Scotland examining three Scottish development trusts has found they make a positive contribution to their local economy and society. 

People who are taking control of the development of their own communities in Scotland have a positive impact on the lives of their neighbours and make a strong contribution to the local economy.

The report follows an assessment of three Scottish Development Trusts, which were set up by people in local communities to encourage regeneration and the development of their areas.

Commenting on the publication of the reports, director of DTAS Ian Cooke said: “DTAS was delighted to work with Education Scotland on this pilot study to identify and measure the impact of development trusts, the results of which have been extremely positive. Sampling three very different DTAS members, the independent study confirmed our own experience of the positive and multi-faceted impact which development trusts have on the lives of the people within the communities in which they operate. We were particularly pleased to see evidence of the, strong contribution which the development trusts in question made to local economies, and to the Scottish Government’s place-making agenda.

“The outcomes from this study reflect the hard work and commitment of the trusts involved, but has a wider significance for the community-led regeneration network as a whole.”

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