Through membership of Development Trust Association Scotland, Rosemount Development Trust was able to access £32,000 of funding, from the Supporting Communities Fund to support the Royston Coronavirus Response Group. 

The funding was distributed to 2 of our partners within the Royston Coronavirus Response Group (RCRG) to enable them to continue the community support they were already delivering, in conjunction with all other RCRG partners.  This was additional funding on top of the funds secured by Spire View Housing Association.

The directors of Rosemount Development Trust were delighted to transfer funds of £24,000 to Royston Youth Action, enabling them to provide continued support of £20 per week x 50 households for a period of 24 weeks.

£8,400 was also transferred to Rosemount Lifelong Learning enabling them to provide 40 families with a monthly activity bag, targeted to the needs of individual families.  They also provide information and resources to support mental wellbeing.  The support is being provided over a 12-week period.  Rosemount Lifelong Learning is also co-ordinating distribution of phone top up cards, to 30 individuals to allow them to stay in touch with support workers, family, and friends.

Both organisations work with the Royston Coronavirus Response Group to ensure no duplication of support.

(Update provided by Rosemount Development Trust)