Throughout the coronavirus crisis Corra has had the privilege of seeing how communities and charities, big and small, have swung into action to support people. Like many funders, Corra sought to quickly reassure grant holders that the usual restrictions and reporting requirements would be suspended. Corra has also been working with many partners, including the Scottish Government and SCVO to make sure money gets to where it’s needed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Alongside its role as a funder, Corra works alongside nine communities in Scotland, each of whom has responded incredibly to the situation, quickly and creatively putting in place vital support for local people.

For example, Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council has launched a community food initiative to support local people at risk of food insecurity during the pandemic. Working collaboratively with local partners, the project is delivering over 300 homemade meals a week to people throughout Carbrain. These meals have been prepared sensitively and mindful of individual needs such as sourcing Halal meat and preparing blended food.

This is more than just food. It’s about maintaining a sense of togetherness, and letting people know they are not alone.”
Frances Park, Chef for Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council.

A similar food response has been organised in Langlees, where Corra’s Community Co-ordinator is working collaboratively with local groups and schools to deliver food parcels and home cooked meals to families in the area.

In Fernhill, an area which is 10% below the national average in broadband uptake, the switch to e-learning for schoolwork has been a real worry with those caring for children.  Corra’s Community Co-ordinator worked with the local school to identify families in need of internet and digital devices. Funding successfully sourced from the Scottish Government Supporting Communities Fund has enabled ten families to receive and be supported with digital devices.

Within other areas, Corra’s Community Co-ordinators have supported and worked alongside communities and volunteers to collect and deliver essentials such as shopping, food and prescriptions. Activity packs are currently being made with puzzles, plants and crafts to support isolated older people in Langlees.

Globally the pandemic and lockdown may have disrupted daily life, but it has not stopped communities mobilising and coming together. Corra will continue to do what it can, working with many partners, to get alongside communities and bolster their efforts.

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