Over past weeks we have provided significant support (7 days a week) to our most vulnerable & most in need community members. With little to no direct frontline support, these individuals and families would have been left facing significant challenges during the period of Imposed Isolation (Lock Down). Thankfully, the Brunswick Centre has been continuing throughout this crisis to ensure critical support is provided.

This has included:

  • Emergency Food Packages; 
  • Emergency Supplies (Baby Supplies/ Toiletries etc);
  • Emergency Fuel Payments for pre-paid meters; and
  • Welfare Calls

To date we have delivered over 1000 emergency food parcels, provided over 5000 meals, made over 300 welfare calls & provided over 100 emergency energy payments. None of this would have been possible without the assistance of our local community & partner organisations.

We cannot stress enough the importance for families & individuals to Self-Isolate during this epidemic, as it quite literally can save lives! Since the measures were introduced by the UK Government, we have been operating the above & our online youth service to assist those most in need, fully adhering to Government guidelines.

Our pledge is that the Brunswick Centre will continue through these turbulent times to ensure resilience within our communities of Balornock & Barmulloch.

The attached image highlights the high level of food stocks we are now distributing to those most in need. This would not have been possible without the assistance of our local community. This support has been invaluable for us & we cannot thank everyone enough for the recent donations to our food drives, for volunteering & providing additional assistance when we most needed it. This is truly a community effort, so please accept our most sincere thanks!

If you know someone who may need assistance, please do not delay and call us 0141 577 0490!

(Update provided by The Brunswick Centre)