Organisations have come together and set up a support group in G53 in response to the coronavirus and lock down.

Some of the organisations include, Greater Pollok Services CIC, Swamp, Pollok Baptist Church, Housing associations, health workers, supermarkets, corner shops and not forgetting support from local residents who stepped up to volunteer.

The Greater Pollok Services CIC set up G53 Covid19 support group facebook page and straight away we received replies to our request for volunteers and now have 16 Volunteers who provide food shopping and prescription pick-ups and emergency food parcels. We applied immediately to the Tesco bags covid19 fund that was set up to fast track funds to projects who are providing services to address issues arising from the coronavirus.

The Pollok Baptist church provides around 80+ food bank parcels a week and we help with this by picking up donations of food from Morrisons Cardonald every week.

Corner shops have also got on board and provide space for their customers to donate food items for the G53 Covid19 support group volunteers to pick up for the emergency food parcels. RS McColls on Househillwood Road was our first supporter and their baskets have been full ever time we go in, so it just goes to show how much our residents want to help their neighbours. Great community spirit in G53.

Swamp based in Pollok have been a great support to the efforts by applying for funding to help the volunteers continue their tasks and to buy emergency food parcels until a referral can access the Pollok Baptist Church food bank.

Swamp are also funding a pilot ‘Rickshaw shopper service’ from Monday 4th May  coordinated by Greater Pollok Services for the G53 Covid19 support group. Swamp also provide social distance performances for local nursing homes.

Contact for our services include Mobile 07746785005 email or on messenger on the G53 Covid19 support group page.

(Update provided by the G53 group)